75,000 Bonus MR Points For Amex Business Gold – Good Only Today 2/29/2012


I’ve been busy today. More so since my kids have half day school today! But I just logged into my Yahoo email account to check my mail and lo and behold, there was a 75,000 Bonus Membership Reward Points offer for the Amex Business Gold Card just for today! To get the 75,000 bonus points, you do need to spend $10,000 within four months. (see screen shot)

amex business gold 75000 one day bonus offer

Wow! Then, I went immediately to the American Express website to check if they offer was on their site. And I actually could not find it.

amex business gold page no 75000 bonus

Even after clicking on the application page, there does not seem to have any sign up bonus of any sort. So it seems that Amex is selectively advertising in different media outlets about this deal. I started surfing around and found out that Darius from Millions Miles Secrets has also written a post on this today with a link to the offer on Amex site. Here is the link

Should You Get This Deal? – Well, the simple answer is if the card suits you. The real key feature of this card is that you get triple points when you book airline tickets with the card. You also get double points on gasoline and advertising expenses.

Because of the high spend requirement, I would suggest that you get this card only if you have wanted this and can meet the $10,000 spend requirements. Any business owner that flies a lot, and has lots of advertising or gasoline expense will find this card really useful.

A prelude to Capital One’s Venture 100k Bonus Match – Last year, Capital One offered to match up to a 100,000 points (their points) if you meet certain miles threshold in your existing frequent flier account. There are rumors swirling around that perhaps this offer is coming back during March (very soon). This might be a way for your to meet those requirements to get another 100,000 points from Capital One. If you do get your 75,000 points, they can be transferred to MR’s airline partners like Delta or British Airways for example.

And if the Capital One Venture 100k match offer does happen again, then you might be in luck for another 100,000 points! (though because the exchange ratio is just 1%, it will not be worth as much as the 75,000 MR points you have gotten assuming you know how to get the best bang for the buck).

You might want to get this card if you have the Amex Business Platinum – One of the little tricks with the Business Gold Card is that you should get this card for an additional cardholder if you are Amex Plat Business holder. Why? The Amex Business Platinum Card will cost you $175 in annual fee for an additional card. But we all know that the Amex Plat (both consumer and business version), does not allow you to earn triple points on airline tickets, or double points on gasoline for example. What you could do if you have the Business Platinum is to get the Business Gold Card for yourself, and then get an additional card on the Business Gold. It will cost you $50 in annual fee. That means you are out of pocket for an additional $50 a year. But when you need to book airline tickets or charge your advertisement cost to a card, then you should use the Business Gold Card instead of the Platinum. You should link your MR accounts so everything you earn on those two cards will be linked together.

Enough Reasons – So there are your couple of reasons why this deal may make sense for you. But you have to hurry since you have a few hours left for this deal. My apologies for not spotting this deal earlier! It only appeared when I went to check my Yahoo email! Use the link in the post. And good luck.

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