Top 10 credit cards chosen by our Readers

Our Top 10 Best Selling Credit Cards

Here is a list of our top 10 credit cards that readers apply from our website. No complicated rating systems. This is not our opinion of what we think are good credit cards, just want our readers are getting. Bear in mind that we write reviews on credit cards, and we have a newsletter. But without wasting any more time, here is our top 10 credit cards.

1. Chase Sapphire® Preferred Card

Chase Sapphire Preferred Card I am not surprised that this month, the Chase Sapphire® Preferred Card is our most popular card that is being applied on this site. Why? Because they are offering a whopping 50,000 sign up bonus points once you have spent $3,000 within the first three months. For most cards, 50,000 points means $500 worth in rewards value. But for this card, it could mean more depending on how you use the points. For example, this card allows you to transfer points to Continental or British Airways miles. Topping up your miles and being creative with partner airlines means you may get free flights to Europe and outside the US for far less points than you need compared to ordinary reward cards. Since Continental and United have essentially merged, United Mileage Plus members can also transfer points to Continental and then to United! You can also transfer these points to Amtrak, Marriott, Hyatt and Priority Club points. And 50,000 points in frequent guest points could be worth a few nights stay at a lower category hotel. Best of all (for those who travel abroad), this card has no foreign transaction fee.

There is an annual fee for this card, though it is waived for the first year. But what you do with the card after one year is up to you. Read our review of the Chase Sapphire® Preferred Card

2. Blue Cash® Everyday From American Express

Blue Cash  from American Express The Blue Cash® from American Express has always been one of the most popular cash back cards. But since it recently changed from a tiered formula to a straight cash back formula, more folks are applying for this card. You can earn 3% rebates on groceriees, 2% on gas and department stores the whole year round, unlike rotating category cards like the Chase Freedom and Discover More. I personally have this card and highly recommend it.

3. Chase Freedom® Visa - $200 Bonus Cash Back

Chase Freedom Visa - $100 Bonus Cash Back The Chase Freedom® Visa - $200 Bonus Cash Back is another popular credit card today. Aside from paying you 1% for every dollar that you spend, you can also earn 5% rebates on quarterly rotating categories and when you shop on their online shopping portal. Right now, new cardholders can earn $200 in cash back bonus when you spend $1500 within the first six months. Now wonder folks are applying for this card. Plus from June to September, you can earn 5% rebates on gasoline. Folks who are driving long distance for their vacation might want to consider this card now.

4. Citi® Platinum Select® Card

Citi Platinum Select Card I guess one of the reasons why the Citi Platinum Select MasterCard is such a popular card is because they have a reasonably low interest rate, a 0% Intro APR* for 21 Months on balance transfers for new cardholders. One of the more interesting feature of this card is that this card allows you to generate a different credit card number each time you shop online for even greater online security.

5. Discover More Card - Long Duration Balance Transfer

Discover More Card  Long Duration Balance Transfer The Discover More Card is more the most popular cash back credit cards today. The reason is that aside from having 5% quarterly rotating categories, it has a great online shopping portal that lets' you earn 5% rebates (minimum) and up to 20% when you shop with their online merchant partners. Though they have slightly less partners than Chase or Citi, on average, you earn more rebates with this card. Furthermore, you can generate a separate credit card number to be used only when you shop online for extra security. Right now, Discover is offering a version where you can transfer a balance and pay 0% APR for 18 months. You can read our review here.

6. Starwood Preferred Guest® Credit Card from American Express

Starwood Preferred Guest Credit Card from American Express The Starwood Preferred Guest® Credit Card is perhaps the most popular credit card among frequent fliers. Not only does it have possibly the best hotel frequent guest program, but Starwood Preferred Guest allows you to transfer points to frequent flier miles with over 30 airline partners (mostly on a one for one basis). If you transfer 20,000 points, you get an extra 5,000 bonus miles! No wonder, this is a favorite with travelers.

7. Discover® Student Card

Discover Student Card The Discover® Student More Card is the student version of the regular Discover More Card. It essentially has all the same wonderful cash rebate, online shopping and gift card rewards. While there are lots of cash back cards, there are very few for college students. Without a shadow of a doubt, this is probably the best student credit card out there.

8. Chase Sapphire® Card

Chase Sapphire Card I will not be surprised at all if the Chase Sapphire® Card rose in the rankings on this page. Chase has revamped their reward program, now called "Ultimate Rewards". It is quite impressive, especially their travel rewards. You can use their site to book your travel (just like using travelocity or expedia). You can also book any travel with your own agents, and just tell Chase and they will use your points to pay in the following months statement. The best improvement is that you can earn unlimited points that do not expire. They have also added lots of merchants to their program. With no annual fee, this card will only gain in popularity. Right now, new cardholders can get 25,000 bonus points when you spend $3,000 within the first three months of your card membership.

9. Orchard Bank Classic MasterCards

Orchard Bank Classic MasterCards - Island If you have no credit or bad credit, there are lots of "sub prime credit cards' ready to offer you a credit card. Problem is that the fees are simply ridiculous. There is a reason why they are called fee harvester cards. The Orchard Bank Classic MasterCards is the exception because they have the lowest fee structure, reasonable rates and is owned by one of the largest bank in the world, HSBC. This is the card we recommend to those who do not have a good credit.

10. Blue Sky from American Express

Blue Sky from American Express The Blue Sky from American Express probably has the most value for a no annual fee travel rewards credit card. While most credit card issuers require 10,000 points to get $100 in rewards value, this card requires only 7,500 points to get $100 in travel value. You are free to book your tickets or hotels with anyone (with folks like, etc) and use your points to claim a statement credit. This card is especially useful for folks who like to shop around for the best deal and also for those who use Southwest because it is not available with online booking sites. You have to buy a Southwest ticket directly from Southwest. And the Blue Sky will allow you to use your hard earned points.