Nordstrom Store Card

Nordstrom Store Card

nordstrom platinum visa Summary - The Nordstrom credit card is a store card that can only be used at Nordstrom stores, or catalogs. You can earn points and enjoy a variety of perks from Nordstrom. Find out more about this card.

Rewards and Perks - The Nordstrom credit card has similar rewards to all other versions of Nordstrom cards. To recap, it allows you to earn two points for every dollar you spend at Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack Stores and You earn one point for every dollar you spend on other purchases. You can earn unlimited points. A $20.00 Nordstrom gift certificate is given to you once you have accumulated 2,000 points. If you spend $1,500 at Nordstrom during a calender year, you will be given invitations to special events like in-store sales, fashion shows etc. At these special events, you can earn 10 points for every dollar you spend. Cardholders also get montly catalogs from Nordstrom.

Fees and Rates - There is no annual fee for the Nordstrom credit card. There are many levels of apr depending on your credit. They range from prime rate plus zero, 3.9%, 6.9%, 10.9% and 14.9%. The average daily balance method (including new purchases) is used to calculate monthly balances. The grace period is 25 days (which is better than the 20 days that most card issuers give).

Verdict - The Nordstrom credit card will certainly appeal to frequent shoppers at Nordstrom and would like to earn and use reward points at Nordstrom stores. The key weakness of this card is that it can only be used at Nordstrom (same as other store cards). Hence, we would recommend that you get the Nordstrom Platinum Visa instead as you can use that at any place that accepts a visa.


  • Earn unlimited points
  • Earn double points at Nordstrom

  • Negatives
  • Can only be used at Nordstrom stores, or catalogs

Nordstrom Credit Card
Reward Benefits
Reward Formula Earn 2 point for every dollar spent on purchases at Nordstrom
Earn 1 point for every dollar spent on other purchases
Caps on points Earn unlimited points
Other Benefits
Special notice for Nordstrom events if you spend more $1,500 at Nordstrom in a calender year.
No liability for unauthorized purchases
24/7 customer service
No ATM surcharge when you withdraw cash from ATM machines at Nordstrom
Online account management
Cost/Fees/Interest rates
Introductory rate No introductory apr
Annual Fees No annual fee
Purchase and Cash Advance APR Tier 1 : Prime Rate flat (min 4%)
Tier 2: Prime Rate plus 3.90% (min 7.9%)
Tier 3: Prime Rate plus 6.90% (min 10.9%)
Tier 4: Prime Rate plus 10.90% (min 14.9%)
Tier 5: Prime Rate plus 14.90% (min 18.9%)
Penalty/Default Rate APR Prime Rate plus 14.9% (min 18.9%)
Min Finance Charge $0.50
Grace Period 25 days
Balance Calculation Method Average Daily Balance (including new purchases)
Cash Advance fee 3% of cash amount, min $5.00
Late Payment fee $10.00 - up to and inclusing $200
$25.00 - more than $200
$35.00 - if you miss 2 consecutive payments