MLB Credit Card Review - Major League Baseball Extra Bases Credit Card

Major League Baseball™ Extra BasesTM Credit Card Review
Card issued by FIA Card Services, N.A.

mlb credit card Summary - Major League Baseball's "Extra Bases" Credit Card is the official card of professional baseball in America. It's a card for hardcore baseball fans who need as many chances as possible to get rewards that are directly related to baseball. You will be able to shop the store with your rewards points, and there are so many different ways to enjoy baseball with your points. It may be exactly what you were looking for in terms of a points formula, but sometimes you can't get enough baseball in your life.

Reward Formula - This card allows you to use your rewards at the shop, and you earn one point per dollar. It's very easy to figure out about how many points you are accumulating on a daily basis, and that means you can keep your eye on the rewards that you really want. The only problem is that it's one point per dollar and the points are valid for 5 years. New cardholders will get 10,000 MLB Extra Base Points.

Reward Formula - Fees - The MLB Credit Card has no annual fee. Again, the hallmark of a card that you want. Don't take an annual fee if you don't have to. The interest rates vary depending on your credit, and could be anywhere between 9.99% and 15.99%. There's also a 0% introductory APR that may be tempting for balance transfers (which could accumulate you some points pretty quickly.) With no fees and no hassle you can get to what you really want more -- the baseball.

Additional Benefits - The rewards in the shop are not just jerseys and memorabilia. There are all kinds of rewards available. There are trips and travel to games and game experiences. There are tickets and other baseball items that are more "big ticket" than a simple jersey you can buy anywhere. The shop sort of ups the ante in the types of merchandise they offer.

This makes the card more attractive, in that, they can give you things that most other cards can't give you. However, there may some cards that look a little bit better to you depending on what you want out of a sports credit card. The opportunity to purchase travel and tickets can make this card much more fun. However, remember that there are other options out there.

MLB Credit Card Peer Comparion

There are some cards that are pretty close to the MLB Extra Bases Card, and they may offer some of the same rewards, but they may offer they in more abundance. Today we're comparing to the Discover More, Citi Platinum Select, NFL Extra Points, NASCAR RacePoints Platinum Plus, and Citi ThankYou cards. Take a look and see if one may suit you better. If not, go right back to the MLB card and slide into your baseball rewards.

MLB Credit Card Alternatives

Discover More Card -- The Discover More Card offers 10% rebates on purchases at the shop. You can log in to your account through Discover and then all your purchases can be logged when you go to store. If you shop for baseball stuff often, you may find that getting 10% back on all those purchases really adds up on that Discover More Card.

Citi Platinum Select Card -- The Citi Platinum Select Card offers a rewards program much like the Discover More Card. One of their approved vendors is, and that means you will get points back on your Citi card when you log in and click their link to You will receive a discount (that changes depending on the products you buy) or you may be able to apply some of your Citi rewards points towards purchases on Also, they offer more points per dollar than a sports card (you can get up to five points per dollar!)

NFL Extra Points Card -- Yep, the NFL has it's own card. If you're just a sports nut, and you've realized you'd rather have football stuff than baseball stuff, then you should try the NFL Extra Points card. It redeems just like the MLB card (one point per dollar), and there are many, many types of merchandise, experiences, and tickets that you can purchase through the store.

The NASCAR RacePoints Platinum Plus Card From Visa -- Maybe racing is your thing. Again, it's one point per dollar, and you can purchase NASCAR products with your rewards points. This is no different than the other sports-specific cards. If you REALLY want something from a particular sport, only getting one point per dollar won't really bother you.

Citi ThankYou Card -- The Citi ThankYou card utilizes the Citi Marketplace, just like the Platinum Select Card, and it offers you more points per dollar than the sports specific cards. You can get up to five points per dollar on gas, and there is a sliding scale for other purchases. Since is on the Citi Marketplace, you may have more options because this card offers more rewards than the sports cards.

Whether you have an intense need for a baseball credit card, or you need a card that just quenches your thirst for sports, you can find something that will meet your needs. The MLB Extra Bases Card will help you get closer to the baseball action, and it gives you reward points for the sport you love. However, there are other choices if you want more sports in your life. Or, maybe you need more than one. Sometimes you just can't take the sports fanatic out of the boy!