Which Marriott Rewards Credit Card To Get? Premier or Regular Version?

Which Marriott Rewards Credit Card should you get?

Comparison of Marriott Rewards Credit Cards

Which Marriott Rewards credit card should you get? Though there is only one Marriott credit card that is issued by Chase, Marriott has also participated and become partners with many credit card reward programs. This essentially robs them of "exclusivity". In fact, many credit card reward programs allow you to exchange reward points for either a Marriott check or a stay at Marriott hotels. So should you get a Marriott Rewards credit card or a reward credit card that allows you to use points for Marriott stays. In this article, we compare the Chase Marriott Rewards Visa with other reward credit cards.

Reward Credit Cards with Marriott Rewards

Let us now take a look at other travel reward credit cards which allows you to exchange points for either Marriott checks or stays at Marriott chain hotels.

Citi ThankYou
Network Rewards
American Express
Membership Rewards
Wells Fargo
Points Rewards Points Rewards Points Rewards Points Rewards
6,000 $50 Marriott Travel Card 18,000 Weekend Access I n.a n.a n.a n.a
10,000 $100 Marriott Travel Card 23,000 Weekend Access II 10,000 $100 Marriott check 10,000 $100 Marriott check
n.a. n.a. 50,000 Worldwide Premier n.a n.a n.a n.a
n.a. n.a. 73,000 Worldwide Elite n.a n.a n.a n.a
n.a. n.a 98,000 Worldwide Ultimate n.a n.a n.a n.a

Snapshot of Marriott Rewards at Membership Rewards

membership rewards marriott

Snapshot of Marriott Travel Cards at Citi ThankYou Network

Recommendations - If you occasionally stay at the Marriott, or you do not want to just have a Marriott Visa, then I would suggest getting a card from American Express as their Membership Rewards program probably has the best Marriott Rewards redemption option. There are several cards you can get.

American Express� Preferred Rewards Gold Card

You can also get the American Express® Preferred Rewards Gold Card, which is a charge card and has a great rewards program.


Get 5% Discounts with Marriott

But the best way (in my opinion) to get cheaper Marriott room nights is to actually use any American Express Business Credit Cards (those with OPENSavings partners). Most Amex business credit cards are part of their "OPEN network". They have a few business partners which will give discounts when you use American Express to buy from them. Marriott is one of their partners. You can get 5% off various Marriott chains. See screenshot below.

amex open

So if you stay frequently at the Marriott, this is perhaps the best way to get discounts. Furthermore, depending on which card you get, you can still earn reward points. You can check out the list of Amex Business Credit Cards with OPEN Savings partners here.