GAP Credit Card Review - Find Out The Perks of Gap Visa Card

Review of GAP Visa Card

gap credit card We Actually have the Gap Visa Card - Mrs Credit Card shops at GAP often. That is because they are always having ridiculous sales. Whenever we paid at the cashiers, we were always asked to get the GAP card. I always told Mrs Credit Card that we already have our Amex and Chase cards. But one day she succumbed and got the card. So having got this card, here is my review.

Rewards - GAP has a reward program. If you use this card at GAP, Banana Republic, Old Navy, Piperlime and Athleta, you will earn 5 points for every dollar that you spend. For other regular swipes you make on the card, you get the standard one point per dollar. Once you have earned 1,000 points, you will get a $10 reward card which you can obviously use at any of these stores.

Other Benefits - You also get some interesting benefits with this card. For example, you get advance notice of any sale events. You will also be able to receive a special birthday discount (as long as you have used the card within the last 12 months). There is also a 10% sale available every Tuesday (if you use the card), which I suspect is because Tuesday tends to be a low traffic day.

Invitation to GAP Silver - If you spend $800 in one calendar at GAP, Banana Republic, Old Navy, Piperlime and Athleta, you will be "invited" to GAP Silver (guess it is kind of an elite status thing) and get extra benefits. For example, you can get free online shipping. You could choose a day where you get 15% off (you would be actually using a coupon). You can get free alterations for any clothes that you buy at Banana Republic. And there will be the occasional days where you can earn triple points (I assume that means 15 points instead of 5).

Fees - Like most store cards, this card comes with no annual fee.

No AutoPay Feature - The moment Mrs Credit Card got her card, the first thing I asked her was to set up autopay (we're never liked the hassle of writing the checks every month). Turns out that there is no autopay feature. You can pay your bills online but not set up autopay with your bank. I also found out that this card is managed by GE financial and can only assume that all of their cards do not have this function. Which is kind of a bummer!

GAP Credit Card Alternatives

One of the things I found out was the the Discover Card also has GAP, Old Navy, Banana Republic, PiperLime and Athleta as their online merchant partners on It turns out that you can earn 5% rebates when you purchase from their online store when you log into your Discover account. Below are some screen shots.

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What is more interesting is that you can exchange your cash rebates for GAP gift cards for more than the value of your cash rebates!

gap shopdiscover

Would We Recommend the GAP Visa Credit Card?

Well, Mrs Credit Card likes her GAP Visa Card. She likes the discounts and extra perks that this card gives. She has also received a few $10 reward cards (which really pleases her!). The one thing that always makes me panic is when we get the bill in the mail. But Mrs Credit Card is very diligent and takes care of it. In fact, this is the only credit card we have where there is no autopay.

But the reason why this card works out is because Mrs Credit Card goes to GAP a lot for the kids clothes. They are always having discounts. But if you do not shop at GAP a lot, or you buy their stuff mostly online, then the Discover More Card is probably the better card to get because you can also get 5% discounts from GAP and their partner stores. They also have over 150 online store partners where you can earn 5% or more in rebates and unlike the GAP Card (or any store card for that matter), you can use your rebates in any way you choose.