Centennial Bank Secured Credit Card Review

Centennial® Secured Credit Card

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Summary - The Centennial Secured Credit Card (which is issued by First PREMIER Bank) is designed for people who do not have a great credit and are looking for a secured credit card. We'll take a look below at the terms of this card.

Fees - The Centennial Secured Credit Card comes with an annual fee of $50. Like all secured credit cards, you are required to put a minimum deposit of $200. This becomes your credit limit and acts as a collateral for First PREMIER®. After your first statement, you will be charged the $50 annual fee and hence your initial credit will be $150. The APR is 19.9%.

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Opinion - The Centennial Secured Credit Card will appeal to those whose credit is not great and looking to get a card. It is one of the many secured credit cards which you should consider.