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amexzyncThe American Express Zync Card is a new charge card that is being introduced by Amex. It is targeted at a younger audience who did not grow up in awe of their traditional Green and Gold charge cards. The Zync is a charge card but with a slight twist. Let’s explore this card in greater detail.

What is Zync? – Firstly, the Zync(SM) from American Express is a charge card in the traditional sense. You have to pay your bills in full. Being a charge card,it comes with an annual fee. Like all traditional Amex charge cards, you get to earn reward points. The reward program is based on the Membership Rewards Express program, which is one notch below the regular Membership Rewards program. The difference is that while the regular Membership Rewards all you to transfer points into air miles with their airline partners, the Express version does not have that feature.

Unique Features – The Zync though has a very unique feature. They allow cardholders to choose a “package” where they can earn extra reward points (for a fee). Below are the packages.


What do I think? – This is a really interesting concept from American Express. Charging a lower fee than their regular charge cards and giving consumers a choice as to what reward points they would like to earn. I think the Zync(SM) from American Express should appeal to folks who want to try give American Express charge cards a try. They could simply start without any “packs” for a very modest fee.

As with any other card, whether you should get this card depends on your circumstances. If you do not spend a lot on the card but want to earn some reward points, perhaps the Blue Card (with the same reward program and no annual fee) might be a better fit. If your job requires that you travel a lot and if you would like to transfer points you earn into miles, then you would be better off jumping straight for the American Express&#174 Preferred Rewards Gold Card. If you really do dine out a lot, perhaps the “social pack” makes sense.

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12 Responses to “American Express Zync Card Review”

  1. Eric Says:

    I don’t think this card will take off. Like you said, there are plenty of alternatives (even from Amex itself) that carry no fees and offer relatively the same benefits.

    If Amex wants to charge an annual fee, they should better know that there should exist worthy benefits. Not in this case in my opinion.

  2. janice Says:

    For someone trying to build up their credit and can’t qualify for a regular amex card would this be a good thing?
    Also do you know what credit range amex uses to approve someone for this card?


  3. Brian Says:

    So they want me to pay them 25.00 to use their overpriced services/merchants. I might have been born at night, but it wasn’t last night…

  4. Jonathon Says:

    Young adults who understand American Express will be interested. Many people will say that they can use other credit cards that have cash back rewards (I currently have one that’s 2%) and no annual fee, but they forget that they’re also paying for American Express’s service. Another way in which this card differs from the Blue cards is that it’s a charge card. There are many American Express features and benefits that are available only to charge card holders, not to AmEx credit card holders. I’d say the $25 is worth it for an AmEx charge card. And look at the Green card! Very very similar rewards for a much higher annual fee.

  5. elliott Says:

    well said jonathon, i chose this card over the green card because the $25 fee is easily digestable. wanted a charge card, to buy all the stuff i buy every month and keep track for reimbursement from my job. don’t like using credit for reimbursement work related purchases because if i don’t pay it off completely i’m paying interest on my employer’s purchases. the other reason i got it was for amex’s unmatched consumer protection and roadside assistance. all purchases automatically insured against theft and damage for 120 days. that alone is worth $25 year. they also make it so a retailer has to accept merchandise for return regardless of their policy. definitely will use this card at target for that reason.

  6. Greg Says:

    I actually have the card and it’s great! I have a few of the packs on there and they work great. I use this to make all my purchases and pay it off at the end of the month. People look at it strange because they never seen the card before so they think it’s an exclusive card. I have no complaints about it, so thumbs up!!

  7. Kevin Says:

    I used to carry an American Express Corporate card and the customer service for that card was TERRIBLE! Amex was always making mistakes on my account. And trying to get their India based customer service reps to fix the problems was a test in anger management. (“I understand your new card went to the wrong address. Will this cause a problem for you?”) If I can get bad service with an Amex Corporate card, I don’t want to know what rotten service I’d get with a Zync card that costs less.

  8. Enrique Says:


    I hear you! The corporate card customer service is absolutely terrible. It is pure anger management. I have lost track of the times I’ve been boiling with anger after speaking to them. It has been like talking to a brick wall. I happy to say that I after a year of terror just closed down my account. On the other hand, I am also a personal gold card holder and have received normal customer service with them – nothing remarkable, altough decent.

  9. Amaury Says:

    I just applied for the AMEX Zync card (Approved) after doing multiple hours of research through this board and many others. What a lot of people are seemingly missing is that this card is really targeted for the people in their 20’s early 30’s who are starting out with their credit histories or had slight blemishes from their college years as I did. Its really an opportunity to do so with what is probably the more respected and reputable credit company in the world. I’ve definitely come a long way from when I was 18-22, with a career now and have a much better understanding of my financial means. Are there better credit cards out there? Yes. However, I believe AMEX experts researched this well and think in the long run they’ll thrive because of this and given the current credit climate forcing your balance to be paid every month teaches discipline and not spend beyond ones means, something that regular credit cards don’t necessarily do for everyone because people will continue to incur more charge, and interest charges.

    From reading around you’re likely not going to get approved for this card with recent BK or CO’s or no credit history. You should have some established credit. My score according to CK was only a 635. I believe that was a Transunion score…and AMEX usually pulls from EXP but I’ve seen as low as mine get approved. I’m treating this AMEX as if it were my child. No going down the shameful road of not being able to credit anymore that was horrible….Go Luck!

  10. Scott Says:

    The “superb” customer service from American Express is a fallacy. I charge over $250,000 a year on a corporate card and I still get untrained reps and have had the card inactivated because they didn’t get an answer within 10 minutes of leaving me a message. I use them because you can’t put very large charges ($100K) on a bank card. But if there were a choice, I’d take it.

  11. JT Says:

    Im 24 and have had the card for about a week now. I have already spend a lot. What gets me is that I cannot carry a balance like on my others cards. I finally just realized that I spend too much money on dinning out and crap. Before this card, I would just charge and carry the balance. Now, I realize that I waste the money I should be investing for retirement or a rainy day. So far, the card has helped me a great deal. I am still learning more about this company, but so far so good.

  12. Tim Says:

    I have many credit cards and you just cannot beat American Express – they are respected worldwide for a reason. I have the Zync card and LOVE it. Like the old advertisement, I literally do not leave home without it…literally.

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