How to get a Continental Airlines Credit Card with No Annual Fee?

How to earn OnePass Miles with a No Annual Fee Continental Airlines Credit Card?

If a are a Continental Airlines frequent flyer, chances are that your continental airlines credit card is the Chase Continental Airlines World Mastercard. You will earn double miles on Continental Airlines purchase and also one mile for every dollar you spend on "other purchase items". You also have to pay a $85.00 annual fee. Though normal for an airline credit card, annual fees are fast disappearing in the credit card world.

What if you do not want to pay the annual fee? What alternatives do you have?

Firstly, you can call up Chase and ask them to waive the annual fee. They will likely agree to that on condition that instead of earning double miles, you only earn one mile for every two dollar that you spend on the card. That is the standard response if you make a similar request for any airline credit card.

Best Solution : Get a Chase Freedom® MasterCard or Chase Sapphire(SM) Card

Chase has recently upgraded their reward program and they now call it the Ultimate Rewards Program. Continental Airlines is one of their partners and you can transfer points to Continental Airlines or get Continental Airlines Certificates. The Chase Sapphire(SM) Card also allows you to earn 2 points for every dollar that you spend on their online travel site. Hence, it is kind of like using a Continental Airlines credit card anyway! With the Chase Sapphire(SM) Card, you can transfer points to Continental OnePass Miles as well as SouthWest, United Mileage Plus and British Airways.

Below is a screen shot of the Continental Airlines Rewards in the Ultimate Rewards Program.

ultimate rewards continental airlines

Conclusion - If you are a frequent flyer on Continental Airlines and want to earn extra points, the Continental Airlines World MasterCard from Chase will allow you to earn double miles. But you have to pay an annual fee of $85.00. If paying the annual fee is not an issue, then this card is probably the best for you.

But if you do not want to pay the annual fee, or you are flying less often these days, then either the Chase Saphire(SM) Card or the Chase Freedom® MasterCard would be a better alternative because Continental Airlines is a partner of the Chase Ultimate Rewards Program.