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Chase Platinum Visa® Card, Chase Platinum Mastercard® Review - Now Becomes Slate(SM) from Chase Card

Slate(SM) from Chase Update - Chase is no longer offering their traditional Visa and MasterCard and they have completely revamped their line up and their new card is now called the Slate(SM) from Chase Card, with new features called BluePrint. This is actually a Visa Card.

Summary - Chase has completely revamped their credit card lineup. In place with their old Chase Visa and MasterCard is now the new Slate(SM) from Chase Card with BluePrint Features. You can read our Slate(SM) from Chase review here. But below is a brief summary of what's new with this new card.

BluePrint Features - Chase has introduced a new feature called BluePrint across their credit cards. This is a set of tools to help cardholders who carry a balance. There are tools to help one figure out a payment plan to pay off their balances.

But the most unique feature is that you can select categories of items which you want to pay in full each month. For example, you can choose to pay your groceries in full every month. If you make that selection, then you will not incur finance charges and the grace period applies to your grocery expenditure even if you carry a balance. This feature is pretty unique and not available in other cards.

Fees - There is no annual fee.

Verdict - If you were considering the Chase Visa or MasterCard, the new Slate(SM) from Chase is an even better card especially if you carry a balance because you can choose to pay certain expenses in full and not incur finance charges for them. The tools that come with them are pretty neat as well.