Starbucks Deutto Visa Card Review

The Starbucks Card DuettoTM Visa® is a visa card account and a Starbucks card account combined into one card. We recommend the Starbucks Card Duetto™ Visa® to the regular Starbucks customer who already owns a Duetto Card because they can earn faster Duetto Dollars.

Reward Formula - The Starbucks Card DuettoTM Visa® is actually a visa card and a Starbucks Duetto "debit" card combined into one. You can use the card like a visa card, earn "Duetto Dollars", which are transferred into the Duetto account. You can 1% Duetto Dollars on your visa purchases. If you subscribe to the auto-load service, which automatically loads your Duetto account if it falls below a certain threshold, you can earn 3% Duetto Dollars for every dollar that is "loaded" into your Duetto account. You can join the optional gift subscription feature and earn 3% Duetto Dollars each time you make a gift subscription purchase.

Fees and Rates - The Starbucks Card DuettoTM Visa® has no annual fee. The apr is either prime rate plus 5.99%, 9.99% or 14.99% depending on your credit. This card uses the average daily balance method (including new purchases) of calculating monthly balances. You also get a 0% apr for six billing cycles on both purchases and balance transfers.


Other Cards That Let You Redeem For Starbucks Gift Card

One thing to note is that there are reward programs that allow you to redeem points for Starbucks tickets. For example, Citi's ThankYou program has got Starbucks as their gift card partnes.
citi thankyou starbucks gift card

The Chase Ultimate Reward program also has Starbucks as their gift card partner.

ultimate rewards starbucks gift card

Starbucks Duetto Visa - Worth Getting

Verdict - Let's be upfront about this. The Starbucks credit card is a really niche credit card. You really have to be spending quite a bit at Starbucks everyday for you to make it worthwhile getting this card. And if redeeming rewards for Starbucks is all you care about, then this card is for you. But if you are considering this card because it is considered a "store card" and you have fair credit, you might want to consider cards like the Barclays Rewards MasterCard® For Average Credit.

Update - The Starbucks credit card is no longer being offered.