Office Depot Credit Card Review | Worklife Rewards Visa Card

Office Depot Credit Card Review

office depot credit card Summary - Officially, the Office Depot credit card is called the Office Depot Worklife Rewards Visa. It obviously comes with perks that are tied to purchases made at their stores. Is this card for you? Well, it really depends on how much you spend with them. But first, let's take a look at the features and rewards of this card. We'll also show you alternatives to earning rewards and rebates with Office Depot.

Reward Formula - The Office Depot Card allows you to earn 5% rebates when you shop at Office Depot. On all other regular purchases that you put on the card, you will earn 1% rebates. The great feature about the rewards is that there is cap on how much rebates you can earn. Best of all, the rebates are automatically credited to your account each time you make a purchase at Office Depot!

Furthermore, if you are a member of their Worklife Rewards program, you can earn 10% back on all ink, toner, paper & Copy and Print services at Office Depot. And also get special member exclusive offers and discounts.

Fees and Rates - Like most other cards on this planet, there is no annual fee.

How Does This Office Depot Card Compare With Other Retail Cards

This card actually compares pretty well with other retail store credit cards. The reason being that it offers a 5% discount which is at the higher end of the range for similar cards (they tend to range from 2% to 5%). Furthermore, the rebates are debited into your account each time you make a purchase. So in a sense, the rewards are immediate (contingent on how often you go to Office Depot off course).

Alternative To Earning Office Depot Rebates

The are also a couple of cards that let you earn cash rebates when at Office Depot. The best one is probably the Discover More Card. Discover has an online shopping portal called and Office Depot is one of their partners. You can get 5% rebates when you shop at through your Discover account.

office depot office depot

Another card that allows you to earn 5% rebates is the Chase Freedom. Chase's Ultimate Rewards program has an online shopping mall (just like Discover), and Office Depot is one of their partners.

office depot ultimate rewards

Should I Get The Office Depot Credit Card

Verdict -I suspect that if you are looking at and considering this card, it means that you either shop at office depot a lot or perhaps you credit is not so good and you are looking to get a "store credit card". The good points about this card is that you get to earn 5% rebates when you shop at the store. And if you really go to Office Depot a lot, then this might be a card you want to get. But if your spending at Office Depot does not warrant you getting this card, then you might want to consider other cards like the Discover More Card or the Chase Freedom because they both allow you to earn 5% cash back when you shop at their online stores. Furthermore, they have other office supply partners like Office Max as well.

If you have a small business, another alternative to consider is the SimplyCash Business Card, which amongst other things, allows you to earn 5% rebates from office supply purchases at any office supply stores. Best of all, you can actually get approved for this card just based on your Federal TIN number.

Update - It appears that the Office Depot credit card is no longer being offered (though existing card members can still use their existing cards).

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