Review of Bank of America World MasterCard With WorldPoints

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Editor's Rating: 3.8/5.0
A Card that was introduced after Bank of America's acquisition of MBNA. The rewards program used is the WorldPoints program which was originally started by MBNA. This is one of the three WorldPoints rewards card introduced with WorldPoints as their reward program. The other being the Visa Signature and Platinum Plus MasterCard version. This card is no longer issued and has been replaced with the BOA Power Rewards and BOA Accelerated Rewards Card
Intro Purchase APR Regular APR Intro Balance Transfer Annual Fee Issuer Credit Needed
0.00% for 15 Months 9.99% to 19.99 0% for 15 Months $0 Bank of America Good
  • Great Balance Transfer Deal (15 Months)
  • Complimentary MasterCard Premier MarketPlace membership
  • Minor Point but WorldPoints was not the best program around back when this card was around

When this card was first issued, Bank of America had acquired MBNA and was integrating it's credit card portfolio together. Various MBNA rewards card were converted to BOA's. Previously, both Bank of America and MBNA had different reward programs. MBNA's was the WorldPoints program (which is now BOA's main program), while BOA used a few programs. For example, they had the Miles Edge and Power Rewards Card which had their own program. They also had an "Elite Rewards" card based on Elite Rewards (a third party) program. This introduction of the Bank of America World MasterCard® with WorldPoints™ was a sign of transition to the WorldPoints program for future BOA cards. It has a more comprehensive reward program than BOA's existing programs.

Usual Way To Earn Rewards - Like most typical reward cards, the Bank of America World MasterCard® with WorldPoints™ allows you to earn one point for every dollar you spend on the card. You can earn unlimited points. You can earn unlimited points, but cardholders had to take note that the WorldPoints point expires at the end of the fifth year which it is earned..

World MasterCard - How is it different from Visa Signature and MasterCard Plus? - One of the things that really got me scratching my head was why did Bank of America issue three cards with the same reward program, but just different processing network. This card is one of them, the other being the Platinum Plus MasterCard version and another Visa Signature version. One can only speculate that perhaps some consumers are really picky about whether a card is a Visa or MasterCard. Perhaps they want to cover their bases. But why have a Platinum Plus MasterCard and a World MasterCard version? To be honest, I do not know the answer. But the more important question is what is the difference between this card and the Platinum Plus MasterCard version?

The difference is that World MasterCard holders can get complimentary membership to MasterCards' MarketPlace Premium membership. What is MarketPlace then? It is an online shopping portal where you can get discounts with their merchant partners. You will also be given alerts to special deals and coupons. Having premium membership (which cost $29.95 a year) entitles you to special deals from "premium partner". I'm not a MarketPlace member so I can't really tell you what does "premium partner and brands" mean!

Cardholders also get access to various world platinum MasterCard benefits like having a concierge service, which gives you personalized, exclusive assistance with reservations, referrals, and recommendations for dining, travel, entertainment, and a host of other services in cities around the world. Another benefit would be the World MasterCard Preferred Access which has an exciting selection of dining, entertainment, shopping, and spa experiences in select markets throughout the United States. You can use the cardholder-exclusive online reservation system to make reservations, book seats, or set up appointments.

WorldPoints Rewards - How is it different from others? - The WorldPoints rewards is an all-round reward program with travel, shopping and cash back rewards. Its travel reward is very much in line with other credit card reward programs, which require 25,000 points for a free airline ticket. There are no blackout dates and you can fly on most major airlines. The cash back reward pay up to 1% cash rebates. The gift certificate rewards falls short a little in my opinion. This is because you get less than 1% value when you exchange points for gift certificates. For example, most programs require 10,000 points for $100 in gift certificates. The Worldpoints require 13,000 points. Back then, Membership Rewards had the best gift card rewards. Their merchandise catalog also falls short compared to other programs like the Citi ThankYou Network and the Membership Rewards. But if you are not the sort that bothers about gift card or merchandise rewards, then it should not really matter.

Did We Recommend This Card? - When you look at it closely, this was a very competitive rewards card during it's days. Back then, the Membership Rewards was by far the best program (can't say this now) and if you were really picky about programs, then the Blue from American Express might have been the better choice. But otherwise, this card was a very competitive offering among it's peers.