Review of Norwegian Cruise Lind Credit Card

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Editor's Rating: 3.8/5.0
A card that will appeal to the Norwegian Cruise fan who travels with them every year as you can earn double points from booking their cruises. Points can be redeemed for Norwegian Cruise as well as from BOA's WorldPoints rewards. There are alternatives to getting discounts with Norwegian with other credit cards that you should be aware of (we'll explore those in the review).
Intro Purchase APR Regular APR Annual Fee Issuer Credit Needed
N.A. 12.99% to 20.99%*(variable) $0 Bank of America Excellent
Feature Summary
  • Earn double points on Norwegian Cruise Line cruises
  • No annual fee

The Norwegian Cruise Line Credit Card is the affinity card for NCL targeted at folks who frequently take NCL cruises.

Rewards - Like most cruise credit cards, the Norwegian Cruise Line Credit Card allows you to earn double points for every dollar that you spend at NCL. For other purchases, it's the standard one point for every dollar that you spend on the card. Points are valid for 5 years

As an incentive to sign up, new card holders will get 10,000 bonus points when they make their first purchase, transfer a balance or make a cash advance (please don't do this) within the first 2 billing cycles when you are approved of the card.

What can you redeem points for? - Aside from being able to redeem points for NCL products, this card is administered by FIA and BOA and hence, you can also redeem points under the WorldPoints program. This means using points for flights, merchandise and cash rebates.

Verdict - If you always take Norwegian Cruise Lines for your cruise every year, then this card is quite a no-brainer. But if you are the type of person that takes various cruises, there are other cards which you may want to consider.

Discover -Discover has partnerships with most cruises on their online shopping portal and you can get 5% rebates when you your Norwegian Cruise tickets and items through your Discover account. They also are partners with other cruises as well.

Discover also allows you to redeem cash rebates you have earned for Norwegian Cruise Line gift cards and you can redeem for double the value of your cash rebates on the gift card, and gift cards of other cruises as well.

The advantage of the Discover Card is that you can get rebates with other cruises as well and redeem it for gift cards that are double the value from the rebates you have earned.

American Express Platinum Cruise Privileges - The Amex Platinum also has "cruise privileges" that will appeal to folks who travel via "staterooms". When you book your cruise through American Express travel website (which is powered by expedia), you could earn double points and also get up to $400 in benefits when you book "stateroom". This alone will cover their annual fee.

Ending Thoughts - The Norwegian Cruise Line Credit Card will appeal to those who pick Norwegian Cruise as their choice for their cruise vacation. If you travel with with different cruises, the Discover More is probably a better card to get.

For those of you who travel in staterooms, the American Express Platinum is a card you want to consider because they have partnerships with all major cruises including Norwegian Cruise.