Horizon Card Services is no longer marketing the Horizon Gold. It has been replace by the following cards with identical features but with lower monthly fee and higher starting limits.

Merit Platinum

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Horizon Gold's replacement is the Merit Platinum, which has a higher starting credit limit ($750 vs $500) and a lower monthly fee ($14.77 vs $24.95). There is also no credit check and approved is instant. Update: Merit Platinum no longer reports to credit bureaus and we recommend you consider the two cards below instead.

Extra Card

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The Extra Debit Card is the only debit card that reports to Experian and Equifax and will help you rebuild your credit. There are no credit checks and you will definitely be approved. The monthly fee is only $7 and there is no risk of you getting into debt because it is a debit card.

Buy On Trust Lending

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Buy On Trust is a great lease to own electronics store where you can pick up your purchases from the nearest Best Buy Store. Your payments are reported to all the three major credit bureaus. There is also no credit checks. Instead, you need an income of at least $1,000 for 3 months from the same source and a checking account with no overdraft, negative balances and no NSF. You can get up to $5,000 in credit limit based on information from your bank account.

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