Is the Discover Miles Card Good and Worth It?

Is the Miles From Discover Card Good?

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Editor's Rating: 4.0/5.0
A great card for those who do not spend a lot on their credit cards and yet want to earn points that can be used for travel. Best to redeem for domestic short haul flights. The absence of foreign transaction fee might come in handy for the occasional international travel.
Intro Purchase APR Regular APR Intro Balance Transfer Annual Fee Issuer Credit Needed
0.00% for 6 months* 10.99% to 19.99%*(variable) 0%* for 6 Months* $0* Discover Excellent

Before I give my opinion on whether this is a good card, it is important that we address the choices people have when it comes to travel rewards. You could get airline or hotel credit cards. This strategy works well for folks who really travel a lot and do not mind (in the case of frequent flyer miles) booking tickets 11 months in advance.

Cards like this are more suitable to folks who do not travel as much, but would like to make use of their credit card spending to pay for their travel.

In this regard, this card is one of the cards in the market that will appeal to you. These are the things I really like about this card.

  • You Can Earn Double Miles on the first $3000 in airline ticket and restaurant spending - I just mentioned that this card is meant for folks who do not travel a lot. So the annual $3000 spend limit is great for those whose travel spending is within this limit. Discover's competitors like the Blue Sky and Citi Thank You Card all only allow you to earn the standard one point per dollar.

  • You can earn double miles with shopping partners - The reason I like this feature is because this is an additional means of earning more miles on your card.

  • When you travel abroad, you pay no FX transaction fees - As we mentioned in our introduction, all Discover Cards have no foreign transaction fee. This feature makes it a standout among no annual fee travel rewards credit cards. It is also great if you find yourself abroad. You will save 3% (which the fees most cards typically charge for FX transactions). Only Capital One cards match Discover in this aspect.

  • Trip Cancellation Insurance - Unlike most airline cards, this one actually offers you a trip cancellation insurance of up to $2,500 in ticket value. That means you do not have to buy any trip cancellation insurance if you feel that there is a good chance of you having to cancel your trip.

  • Travel Accident Insurance of $500,000
  • - This would not be a big deal years ago when Visa offer million dollar insurance for this. But those days are long gone (Visa now offers a minimum of $250,000). And the Blue Sky from American Express actually charges you for this!

Verdict - If you do not travel a lot, but would like to use points for travel, then this is a great card to consider. It will also appeal to those who love bargain hunting and getting the best deals for themselves. Discover is known for their great customer service and if the above describes you, then perhaps this is your card to get.

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