Which Credit Card To Get For South America Tickets?


My house is being remodelled. I’ve already paid 50% of the cost of kitchen cabinets and would like to use the opportunity to charge the balance (i do have the cash to pay it off upon receipt of the bill but would like to earn miles)….The place doing the kitchen work only takes Visa or Master unfortunately. Any card you advise me to apply for considering I would like one that gives miles for travel to South America, particularly to Peru?

Marga De Loayza

Answer – Marga – most US airlines require 50,000 to 55,000 miles for a round trip economy class ticket to South America on a Saver Award ticket. A saver award ticket typically requires less miles, but have more capacity restrictions and blackout dates. For regular standard awards, it will take about 100,000 miles to fly to Peru or anywhere in South America. So depending on how much is your total kitchen renovation, with bonus miles or points, you could very well get enough points for a supersaver award to South America.

Almost all US airlines have similar requirements. I checked some international airlines like Mexicana Airlines and they have about the same point requirements. So assuming you would want to get an airline credit card, that would leave out Delta Skymiles credit card since American Express issues them. Starwood is also out since they are also issued by Amex. That leaves Continental, US Airways and United as the major carriers that fly international.

You could get either one of their credit cards as they are either MasterCard or Visa and you should be able to get some nice sign up bonuses. Or if you are picky over paying annual fees or if flying to Peru may be a one time thing, then you might want to consider either the Chase Freedom&#174 Visa – $100 Bonus Cash Back or the Chase Sapphire Card because they allow you to transfer points that you have earned to Continental and United miles (Chase Freedom allows you to transfer only to Continental while the Chase Sapphire Card allows you to transfer to both Continental and United on a one for one basis). This is one way to earn miles without having to pay an annual fee on your credit card.

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  1. John DeFlumeri Jr Says:

    Chase seems like one of the fairest credit card outfits around right now.

    John DeFlumeri Jr

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