My Credit Card Experience

09/11 The Southwest Rapid Rewards Companion Pass – I’m Almost There
08/11 Amex Gold Card Events Gets Friend Tickets To Rockettes Show
07/11 Amex Extended Warranty Covers iPhone Repair
07/11 100,000 BA Miles Have Been Credited Into My BA Executive Club Account
04/11 Redeeming Partner Awards With US Airways Is Really Challenging
04/11 Wells Fargo Moving Forward With Chip And Pin
04/11 Phone Payments Attached To Your Credit Card Show Promise
04/11 The Durbin Amendment Kills DEBIT Card Rewards, NOT Credit Card Rewards
03/11 The Future Of Plastic
03/11 What Does Complimentary Mean? The Lure Of Lounge Access
03/11 Cardholders Are Almost Never The Victim Of Credit Card Theft And Fraud
03/11 Travel Tools I Use
02/11 The Stay At Home Mom Debate
02/11 Some Helpful Beginner’s Guides For Loyalty Programs
02/11 You Can Now Use AA Miles For BA Flights But It Will Cost You
01/11 The Winners and Losers of Southwest’s New Rapid Rewards Program
01/11 “No One Who Pays Their Own Way Should Belong To A Hotel Loyalty Program”
12/10 Regulation Of Debit Card Fees Begin, What Effect Will They Have On Credit Cards?
12/10 Outlook For The United Continental Merger
11/10 Follow Up On CARD Act And Due Dates
10/10 Addressing The Weaknesses of CARD
10/10 Consumerist Doesn’t Know What An Amex Financial Review Is
10/10 Follow Up On Amex Return Protection
09/10 Test Driving Amex Return Protection
09/10 Colleges Profiting From Credit Cards
09/10 Why Elizabeth Warren Will Be Great At The CFPB
09/10 Consumer Advocacy, Transparency And The CARD Act
08/10 Some Observations On Foreign Credit Card Use
08/10 New Tricks And Traps Evolve
07/10 Oh No, Reverse Robin Hood Again!
07/10 Calculating The Damage
06/10 Hip Hop Executive Sees Durbin For What It Is
06/10 The CARD Act Is The Gift That Keeps On Giving
06/10 Ethics And Credit Cards
06/10 Debt And Our Armed Forces
06/10 Do Good, Earn Membership Rewards Points
05/10 Durbin Amendment Will Change Everything
05/10 Why Are Credit Card Companies Silent On Durbin?
Template Monster Purchase Experience And Third Party Processors
05/10 Senate Passes Durbin Amendment
05/10 My Rebuttal To The Case Against Swipe Fees
05/10 The Case Against Swipe Fees
05/10 Swipe Fees
04/10 Some Pretty Strange Reasoning On Credit Cards
04/10 Confraria Studio HandBag – Amex Platinum Concierge Gets Mrs Credit Card Her 13th Anniversary Present
03/10 More Post-CARD Analysis
02/10 More On Negative Option Billing and Preaquired Account Marketing
02/10 What Is Up With This Anti-Credit Card Rant?
02/10 Repentence of Debt
02/10 Card Act Loopholes
01/10 2 Great Reasons Credit Cards Are Better Than Cash
01/10 Banks Behaving Badly
12/09 The Ethics Of Reward Card Deals
12/09 My Dream Card
11/09 Sapporo Restaurant in New York Does Not Accept Credit Cards!
11/09 Rewards From Credit Cards Have Indeed Declined
11/09 Are Credit Card Companies Ethical? Is Any Business Ethical?
11/09 CitiBank Sends Me A Check
10/09 Star Wars Concert Booking with Amex Platinum Concierge
09/09 Get $25 Gift Card For Test Driving Buick LaCrosse 2010 Model
08/09 Booking with Amex Travel Site Vs Booking with Hotels Directly
05/09 Mrs Credit Card 40th Charity Birthday Party For Alex Lemonade Stand Foundation
05/09 Capital One’s Apples to Orange Comparison Marketing
04/09 Chase Upgrades My Card to Visa Signature!
02/09 “Fun” With Starwood Amex
02/09 American Express Platinum Concierge Valentine Service
02/09 My Current Credit Card Portfolio
01/09 Chase Increased My Credit Limits
10/08 My Take On The Credit Card Bill Of Rights, And A New Reward Card Benefit
10/08 Utilizing Your Reward Cards For Maximum Return, My Story
04/08 Chase Prestige Credit Card Upgrade?
Amex Blue Cash Reverse My Credit Card Charges
04/08 Bought a New Lexus RX 350 – My Adventure and Reasons
03/08 Amex Platinum Card Year End Expense Summary
02/08 Another American Express Platinum Experience
01/08 Credit Cards In My Wallet?
11/07 Amex Global Assist Experience – Left my car key in the car!
10/07 Another Amex Platinum Experience
07/07 10 Credit Card Practices That I Disapprove
07/07 Missed My Airline Flight and Threw Away Money!
05/07 American Express Platinum Domestic Companion Ticket Test
04/07 Financial Lessons from 10 Years of Marriage
04/07 Did Funky Diner Deserve Any Extra Credit Card Tips?
04/07 Cash is King – But I don’t Carry Cash!
04/07 Sorry – No Credit Cards for Orders Under $15!!
03/07 Amex Platinum Concierge – First Experience
03/07 Companion Ticket for American Express Platinum Card
03/07 American Express Platinum Card
11/06 How I Got A Free Continental Airlines Flight With Membership Rewards Points?
10/06 The End of 5% Cash Back Credit Cards?
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